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Welcome pack

Some of the factors involved (this is ideal and hasn't quite been kept to recently cos of publishing delays):

1. You don’t get paid so you’ll probably have to find a job, with Freedom work taking place outside that. This can make obtaining quotes difficult, unless you use lunchbreaks or surreptitious other breaks to get them.

2. The collective finishes the paper on a Sunday, so if you decide to work in the office on those days, bear in mind that most of your quotes will have to be obtained well in advance. Writter deadlines are friday, story ideas should really be in by Tuesday.

3. Our printing is done for free, but because of that, it isn’t instant - our news will on average be a week and a half old by the time it comes out.

As such we don’t tend to run mainstream stories unless we’ve found a unique angle for them, or we're coming out in good time for them to be relevant and they're really big news.

4. Unless you live abroad, we are mostly interested in UK news.

We have a strong international presence already, often from people who actually live there, but for UK readers, we need UK writers.

5. We use pseudonyms or first names for anyone whose opinions are primarily anarchist, potentially on the grounds of a)fash b)cops.

6. We operate a copyleft policy, so any work you write for us is in the public domain and can be reproduced and altered (as long as it doesn’t change the meaning of the piece) bu anyone who wishes to.

7. We do not currently advertise for corporations, as this would hinder our editorial independence. However we are prepared to advertise causes in common with our ideological stance.

8. As an anarchist effort, we don’t give you orders, and you are, as a reporter for us, as entitled to give you opinion as anyone else. In return we expect you to listen to ours.

9. We are aiming to be a professional paper. We want to clear our debts, start making a profit and become not just a must-read for anarchists, but a reliable news-source for non-anarchists as well.

Writers are urged to look at the mainstream press - generally broadsheets but also, in terms of word use, at the midmarket tabloids as their language is more accessible - when they write, for style tips.

Reporting technique info can be found here