HOWTO: change the front page news feature

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Mike Harman
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Feb 24 2007 11:26
HOWTO: change the front page news feature

So - to change the featured news article:

when adding or editing an article (must have an image)

go down to publishing options down the bottom, and tick "promoted to front page".

If it's the most recent "promoted" news article, it'll appear at the top of the list. It'll also disappear from the list beneath.

This is how it works:

The news article with an image is the most recent article "promoted to front page"

The list beneath it, is the last three news articles not "promoted to front page".

This means that if we have lots of "promoted" articles, the list will be a bit out of date, but as yet it's the only way I've found to create this kind of thing without duplicating the article or having pictures for every article- two different views next to each other in the panel.

We should keep an eye out on for a better solution, but I reckon this works for now, it also guarantees that the top article always has an image in it, and isn't something shit.

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Feb 24 2007 11:44