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Fall Back
Joined: 22-09-03
Oct 24 2011 10:57

We're currently looking into this - for now, any regular poster who is unable to post, send me a message and I can manually allow your account.

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the button
Joined: 7-07-04
Oct 24 2011 11:08

Thanks for fixing. cool

Joined: 13-10-05
Oct 24 2011 13:35

not quite the same topic, but the slowness today is the absolute worst yet, and it leads to thoughts of not bothering to come here. i'd have put this on my own slowness thread but i couldn't wait any longer to find it through my tracker or any other way.

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Serge Forward
Joined: 14-01-04
Oct 24 2011 14:35

And we're getting spammed to fuck on some of the articles. I've reported about 6 of em.

Joined: 9-06-11
Oct 24 2011 14:43

Is the spamming and the slowness related? Too much traffic? Is libcom.org ever likely to be the victim of a DoS attack?

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Joseph Kay
Joined: 14-03-06
Oct 24 2011 15:11

We temporarily turned off some of the anti-spam protection because it was blocking regular posters from posting, so lots of the spam that's normally blocked is getting through and we're deleting it manually. If you see any, hit 'report' and we'll zap it asap!

I don't think this is related to the slowness, which seems to be the performance of the various queries which generate the pages (tracker, bookmarks etc are generated dynamically, i.e. calculated by the server, which has finite memory/CPU cycles).

Mike Harman
Joined: 7-02-06
Oct 25 2011 03:10

I've put this back on for a bit, if you still have problems and can't post in this thread, pm me.

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Juan Conatz
Joined: 29-04-08
Oct 25 2011 03:26

Yeah, I'm waging a jihad against spammer tonight