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Juan Conatz
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Mar 1 2011 04:58
Wisconsin Tag

Hey, was wondering if we could have a tag for the pieces coming out on the WI situation, maybe with an intro at the top of the page. I still don't know how to do that...

Mike Harman
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Mar 1 2011 05:14

If you go to http://libcom.org/node/add/intro - what happens?

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Mar 1 2011 05:18
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Juan Conatz
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Mar 1 2011 05:23

I can try again, but I tried making one for "FRAC" a while ago and it failed to create. But if you search for it, it lists the tag...

Mike Harman
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Mar 1 2011 05:29

Hmm, so there's two bits to this:

1. Tag your blog post and any news articles with 'Wisconsin' in the 'tags' field - if it doesn't exist already it will be created. Admins may have to approve the edits.

2. Create the intro - this has to be linked with the tag (and only that tag) so it shows up at the top of the page.

I'll try to help if you get stuck.

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Juan Conatz
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Mar 1 2011 05:33

Oops, created the intro before tagging articles. What now?

Mike Harman
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Mar 1 2011 05:34

If you tag an article, I can fix up the intro. You might be able to add it retrospectively yourself but no worries either way.

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Juan Conatz
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Mar 1 2011 05:42

Ok, I tagged all the relevent WI stuff in the library with "Wisconsin labor protests"

Mike Harman
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Mar 1 2011 06:01

Sorted. http://libcom.org/node/34513/edit? to edit the tag if you need to (it's a bit tricky to find otherwise).

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Juan Conatz
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Mar 1 2011 06:23

Ok, just waiting for someone to approve adding that tag to the relevent articles in the library.

Also, the text for the tag didn't show up, so I switched it to the intro instead of the body for the entry. Will that fix it?

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Dec 19 2012 13:32

Of general interest.

*Scott Walker's Cynical "Right-to-Work" Scheme*

[image: manitowoc]

By Mike Konopacki

Governor Walker has repeatedly denied any interest in making Wisconsin a
so-called “right to work” (RTW) state, i.e. requiring that all union dues
be voluntary in the private sector. Given his abysmal record on truth
telling, no one should take him at his word.

Take a look at Act 10, the controversial legislation he pushed last year to
strip collective bargaining rights from most public sector workers, along
with pay and other sacrifices. Then and now, he has insisted it’s pure
economics. “This was never about unions,” he told the Milwaukee Journal
Sentinel early this month. “This is about balancing budgets.”

Days later, however, a January 18, 201
of Walker assuring Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks of his
intentions to bring RTW to Wisconsin: "Well, we're going to start in a
couple weeks with our budget adjustment bill. The first step is we're going
to deal with collective bargaining for all public employee unions, because
you use divide and conquer."

Part of that strategy included exempting from Act 10 Milwaukee police and
fire unions that endorsed him for governor. He also got an endorsement from
Operating Engineers Local 139, based on his promise not to support RTW.
Later, the Building Trades, representing various unions in construction,
got a guaranteeof
union jobs for joining Walker’s push for the proposed Gogebic Taconite
mine, a project of the notoriously antiunion parent company, the Cline

“Private sector unions are overwhelmingly my partner in economic
development,” he told the Journal. Just not all of them.

Labor journalists Kathy Wilkes and Roger Bybee have exposed the sinister
underbelly of Walker’s agenda. Wilkes describes the circumstances and
aftermath of *a ten-week strike by 200 Machinists at Manitowoc
over the employer’s demand for voluntary union dues—a requirement
for public unions under Walker’s Act 10. Bybee reports on a *similar strike
at Ashland Industries
* where the employer, according to Machinists rep Marty St. Peters,
“basically said, ‘Manitowoc Crane got rid of the union security clause. We
want that too’.”

The result is what Wilkes calls “right-to-work by other means,” and, as
documented by Bybee, it’s an expansion of “Walker’s war against workers”
into the private sector.

Like the strike settlements at Manitowoc and Ashland, RTW laws give
represented workers the benefits of union contracts (better pay, work
rules, and job protections) without paying dues; meanwhile unions remain
legally obligated to represent them. The intent is to eliminate unions
altogether by gutting their treasuries. Act 10 obviously has sent a
powerful message to private employers: *It’s open season on unions. No
special bill needed. Force RTW piecemeal—one contract, one union at a time.*

In another “divide and conquer” maneuver, Walker inserted himself into the
Manitowoc dispute by urging the Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council to
back a Democrat-sponsored bill that “would allow non-striking employees
like the 150 Boilermakers at Manitowoc Cranes the ability to qualify for UI
benefits.” Manitowoc CEO Glen Tellock echoed support, even though he’s on
the board of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which opposes the
measure. With the strike ended, the bill has gone nowhere, a now dead
vehicle to pit Boilermakers against striking Machinists.

Unions that fall for Walker’s lies will have only themselves to blame when
“right-to-work by other means” is forced on them too. The second step of
Walker’s “divide and conquer” strategy has already hit two unions. Who’s

*Mike Konopacki is a labor and political cartoonist, a labor educator, and
a graduate of UW-Madison and Lincoln High in Manitowoc, WI.*