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Aug 14 2017 11:08
Style guide feedback

Following links from your article inviting new writers I took a look at the style guide. Guessing others will also be looking at this page I thought I'd mention a couple of things.

It struck me that the linked to news examples stray quite far from the guidelines. In particular, the Greece story is 9000+ words long, quotes Dauvé, doesn't explain who Dauvé is, uses abbreviations incorrectly, uses inline references and even has an unecessary exclamation. Do you want news articles that are concise or 10,000 words long? Maybe you could provide examples more consistent with the guidelines.

The 'Read more about submitting news...' link is broken (I guess it needs pointing at

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Aug 14 2017 13:51

250 words is a report
1,000 words is an article
10,000 words is an essay
20,000 words is a pamphlet
50,000 words is a book

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Aug 14 2017 14:56

Thanks very much for flagging this up. We put those together yonks ago. We will take a look when we get a chance and update