'recent posts' only displays 1st page

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Feb 8 2010 09:03
'recent posts' only displays 1st page

Just noticed that libcom.org/tracker no longer has the row of numbers down the bottom, allowing you to access page 2, 3, 4 etc of results. Putting a page number in the url, eg. libcom.org/tracker?page=1 still works, and strangely the page numbers show up down the bottom of later pages.

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Feb 8 2010 15:38

yes, this is a problem which has been flagged and we will try to sort it

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Feb 26 2010 23:29

Mine comes up 'Whoops, something broke'...

Jason Cortez
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Mar 1 2010 11:13

If i go into forums using the tab and then use recent posts, the page list returns as if by magic.