misplaced articles?

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David in Atlanta
Joined: 21-04-06
Jun 20 2007 03:55
misplaced articles?

The last two articles i posted, the Pittsburgh IWPA thing and the MTD document thats still waiting to be moderated really should be in history but I don't think I can move them.
Or maybe I just don't understand how the system operates yet.

Mike Harman
Joined: 7-02-06
Jun 20 2007 07:12

Hi David,

No they should both be in the library. Anything that's a primary source goes in there. History is for < 2,000 words articles which follow a fairly strict style guide (all acronyms explained, context explained, not too much emotive language, not too much jargon etc. etc. so they can be read and understood by someone who's not previously aware of the events/groups in question) everything else that's history related goes in library.

Unfortunately the only section we have a reasonable guide for is news, between this thread and http://libcom.org/forums/feedback-and-content/guidelines-posting-articles hopefully we can correct that.