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Apr 12 2011 23:49
'Gay' tag

I was wondering why libcom uses the tag 'gay' for stuff related to marginalised sexualities and so on, when the much more common term would be 'queer'. Gay seems a little male centric and narrow, but maybe there is a good reason for using it I don't know about? Sorry, I know this liberal bullshit annoys true proletarians wink

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Apr 13 2011 08:06

It used to be called "gay liberation", and we just shortened it.

I would dispute that "queer" is a more common term, other than possibly in the tiny activist subculture.

However, you are correct in that it does seem male centric and narrow. We could change it to LGBTQ perhaps - what do people think? Especially the gays?

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jef costello
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Apr 13 2011 08:08

I'm not sure if that's necessarily an editorial decision, users can create tags. I had a quick look at the tag and at least half of them had 'gay' in the title so I can't see that it'd be a problem.
I think 'gay' as male-centric and narrow is at least partly due to the evolution in meaning of the word.
It also depends on how acceptable 'queer' is. Perhaps switching 'gay' for 'LGBT' .