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Jan 16 2010 06:43
'Authors' section, library

Probably this isn't the right place for this, but since Tuesday or Wednesday, when you click on the 'authors ' section in the library, no authors come up on the page. Emailed you admin lot yesterday, but the situation's still the same...Hardly a forum topic, but I couldn't work out where this should go (for future reference, you should probably tell me here).

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Jan 16 2010 18:23

hi, this is exactly the place where you should raise these types of problems.

I see that the featured author's index is no longer functioning.

However, next to the bottom for featured is a button with the "index" on, this gives the full list of authors, in alphabetical order.

We will try to fix the problem with the featured index as well.

Mike Harman
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Jan 17 2010 09:39

I think something's going on with the flag module, but haven't tracked down the bug yet.