Adding more articles to the IW sub-section?

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Chilli Sauce
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Oct 12 2014 11:54
Adding more articles to the IW sub-section?

Basically, I'm hoping to create a new a new entry for the September 2014 Industrial Worker, under here:

How do I do that and then how do I add specific articles so they fit under the correct taxonomy (that's the word, right?)?

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Juan Conatz
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Oct 12 2014 21:07

-'add child page'
-Fill in what needs to be filled in. Please stick with the intro and link to IW subs info,as seen here
-Make sure to click on 'book outline' and pick the the number that corrsponds with the month (September would be '9')

After that is created you can 'add child page', which would be the actual articles