Stop the Deportation of the Karim Family - Public Meeting, Nelson, Thursday 9th November 6pm

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Nov 3 2006 01:38
Stop the Deportation of the Karim Family - Public Meeting, Nelson, Thursday 9th November 6pm

The Karim family, of Nelson, Lancs, have finally run out of chances to stay in the UK where they have been on Religious asylum for the past 4 years. They are Christians and Nigel Karim, husband of Pearl and father to Crystal and Calvin, had received death threats in Pakistan.

The Home Office has refused all appeals by the family to remain in the UK, and have now offered them cash with which to resettle in Pakistan. The family does not wish to return there, due to the dangers and does not wish to remain on government benefits here in the UK. Pearl Karim is a qualified teacher.

Local Churches and others in the community are supporting the family, and leaflets and petitions are to be distributed on Saturday 4th November at a stall in Nelson centre, adjacent to Althams travel agents and the Lord Nelson pub. The stall will be manned from 11am till 2pm and anyone is invited to come along and help out.

All petitions will be gathered together on Wednesday 8th November, in preparation for the Public Meeting on Thursday 9th November, at which they will be presented to local MP Gordon Prentice, who will then pass them to the Home Office. He and other local councillors have been working on behalf of the family too.

The meeting is to take place at Christ Church, Carr Rd, Nelson at 6pm.
Confirmed speakers are Father Chris Gorton (of Holy Saviour's R.C. Church, of which the family are parishioners), Ann Kerrigan Councillor, and Pearl Karim. It is also hoped that Gordon Prentice will speak.

All are welcome to the meeting, and to sign the online petition which can be found at the following:

Link to recent newspaper report:

Previous reports regarding the Karim family at The Burnley Voice website:

Thanks in advance, for your support. Please note that further details of the Karim campaign can be found at the N.C.A.D.C. website: