"One" rail workers strike

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May 20 2005 17:52
"One" rail workers strike

BBC News article:


RMT report:


Statement from the company:


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May 20 2005 20:33

"We support one's workers" does not sound very hardcore does it!

Caiman del Barrio
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May 20 2005 22:53

There's a small chance of me heading down the picket line in Colchester tomorrow, largely depending on whether my striking friend can be arsed heading up himself.

Striking over new machines that actually make the job easier seems somewhat petty when the workers' pay deal runs out within in the next month and they're facing not receiving any raise at all.

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Rob Ray
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Jun 2 2005 10:07

Another strike is due June 7th, right down the line, I'll try and get down to ipswich (did last time but everyone was home roll eyes) to report and maybe a pic of an empty train, anyone gonna be able to get down to Norwich/Colchester etc or know of where pickets are going to be?