Halloween, Yobs and Mobs

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Oct 25 2003 15:08
Halloween, Yobs and Mobs

Is anyone out there that would be interested in supporting a safety

patrol (as described in Schnews 428) in Chelmsford, Essex on Halloween night?

The trouble that happens in Chelmsford nothing like the trouble

described in the article, but I feel I gotta do something locally

about the moral panic that surrounds Halloween and the demonisation

of the bored youth population.

The local rags around here are helping to stir up the trouble by

annoucing that they will be "targetting Halloween Terrorists" by

asking retailers not to selling "suspicious-looking youths" eggs and

flour, and by stepping up patrols. Clearly this will do nothing but

encourage all these townies (and they are townies) to be more

creative, and will do nothing to stop the trouble from occuring. This

will lead to moral majority press for tougher action, which can only

mean the virtual banning of Halloween.

Give me a shout and I can organise crash space if you're up for it.