DISSENT - RECONVERGENCE 2006 call-out and consulta [V1.0]

DISSENT - RECONVERGENCE 2006 call-out and consulta [V1.0]


When we are asked by others what is more important –to organize global days of actions or fight locally everyday – we always reply both. Dissent was originally created with the former in mind: to enable anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist groups and individuals to collectively and directly resist the G8 summit in Scotland and beyond that to build a bigger and better alternative to the neo-liberal system that oppresses us and people all over the world. The rush towards the G8 didn’t give us the time to think properly about how the Dissent network could be useful to our local struggles of the everyday, how they can best serve the struggle against capitalism, or how the network could become more representative of the politics, priorities and activities of all its groups and individuals, current and potential.

Let’s find out how we reinvigorate and renew Dissent as a network of resistance. We need to better understand who WE are, where WE have come from and where WE want to go. The aim of the is to create a process of dialogue and reflection among the individuals, groups and social centres who are either already part of Dissent or who could be part of it in the future, about how we create a wider, stronger, more politically effective and visible network. A network that belongs to us all and contributes as much to our everyday local struggle as towards the global mobilizations.

We have so far managed to come together to confront the powerful in a time and place chose by THEM; through the process, the hope is that WE will now find the time and place when we next all come together to shout our dissent stronger and louder then ever, to strengthens ties between the network and to show our solidarity during other mobilization of resistance all over the world.


This consultation is open to all groups and individuals currently involved in Dissent and those who are interested in being further involved in a UK wide anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian network, and have an affinity with the hallmarks of the Dissent Network.

1. A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism and feudalism; all trade agreements, institutions and governments that promote destructive globalisation.

2. We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism and religious fundamentalism of all creeds. We embrace the full dignity of all human beings.

3. A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying can have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organisations, in which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker.

4. A call to direct action and civil disobedience, support for social movements' struggles, advocating forms of resistance which maximise respect for life and oppressed peoples' rights, as well as the construction of local alternatives to global capitalism.

5. An organisational philosophy based on decentralisation and autonomy.


The aim of this consultation is to achieve a more horizontally based network that is representative of the politics and activity of the autonomous groups and individuals who are involved, that will facilitate those groups & individuals to work with others on specific activity/actions and to network this with a larger body of people. It will lead to a two day network-wide gathering sometime in Jan/Feb 2006.


The agenda of this gathering will be composed of the presentations made by the groups/individuals involved and the initiatives they propose. In order for this to happen it is important that a consultation period of discussion, self-organisation and preparation takes place. It is also important that the working group organising this gathering can collate and distribute all necessary information to aid others discussions and prepare the agenda for the gathering. For this reason there is a questionnaire below and a timeline for the consultation leading up to this gathering.


After the questionnaires have been returned, the information will be collated onto a website that can be used as a communications tool for groups/individuals who have expressed similar interests to form network-wide initiatives/ proposals which can be presented at the gathering. These proposals will also be circulated to all participating groups/individuals for discussion shortly before the gathering.

It would also be helpful and much appreciated if groups/individuals could let the “re-convergence” working group know if they are coming and how many so they can plan ahead.

We ask that each group reach consensus on answers to the questions below, and send it in as soon as possible. Early responses will aid in the planning of the reconvergence. By the end of December we will send out an initial update on the responses received. We also ask that each group email dissentconvergence@riseup.net, as soon as they know they will participate.



NAME (for individuals, an alias or initials will do):



(Email. Public Tel, Address, Website)


(For example: your politics, local political situation, what struggles are you involved in, how do you organise?)


(For example: Migration, Climate Chaos, work/Precarity, Russia 2006 G8 Summit, Social Centres ... etc)



(For example: structure, hierarchy, diversity, gender, race, activity...etc)


For this gathering to take place we need the questionnaires back as soon as possible. A new website will host what is collated and hopefully it will be used as a tool to organise initiatives/themes to be presented at the gathering.

This will allow us to collate the information and form the aforementioned website, leaving enough time for ideas/proposals to be networked and worked out. We ask that these final initiative proposals be sent in by: 15th January 2006.

This should leave enough time for all groups/individuals to receive and discuss the proposals before the network-wide gathering. The gathering will be held on: End of January/early February.


It has been suggested that some groups/individuals might use this opportunity to apply these and other questions by forming their own regional and/or thematic discussions. To help facilitate this, please indicate if you would be interested in organising regional gatherings/consolations or thematically based gatherings (For example: Migration, Climate Chaos, work/Precarity, Russia 2006 G8 Summit, Social Centres ... etc) before the RECONVERGENCE CONFERENCE then please let us know.


The working group organising this initiative is comprised of individuals from groups (RAGE - Reading, Wombles-London, Common Place-Leeds, Anarchist Federation-Sheffield, Soon to be Collective-Southampton, CAN-Cambridge, Rising Tide-London) currently involved with Dissent, as well as others. We encourage other groups and individuals to get involved with the organisation of this event. There are upcoming meetings and an email discussion list being used. We can also be contacted via the email address below.

NEXT PLANNING MEETING // December 4th- Leeds Common Place

EMAIL LIST // dissentprocess@lists.aktivix.org

CONTACT US // dissentconvergence@riseup.net with subject header: RECONVERGENCE

WEBSITE // Work in Progress!

Thanks for participating; we look forward to hearing from you,

Love n Rage,

Dissent Reconvergence Working Group, 13th November 2005

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