"Galoway was either pretending to be an agent of big bu

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Nov 17 2005 16:43
"Galoway was either pretending to be an agent of big bu

...or he really was but recently switched sides to that of the working class."

That's the latest analysis from Steve Wallis. 8) Available on pay-per-view, to the usual bank account.


"So why did the big business-controlled media help Galloway get elected and then broadcast his Senate performance live? Obviously they thought that he was on their side! After all, he had shaken hands with Saddam and said “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability”. He had also urged Tommy Sheridan to join Respect and stand against the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) at the next Scottish parliamentary elections splitting the left, which has united north of the border."

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Nov 17 2005 17:43

his record of absence from the house of commons was faintly interesting when up on indymedia recently. but thats steve for you, always the popularist with his public.

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Nov 18 2005 10:07

ooh is this another excuse to post up a pic of the lovely konnie huq?