Galloway named in US Iraq oil report

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May 12 2005 07:37
Galloway named in US Iraq oil report

How fucking funny is this... grin

A US Senate report says two senior politicians from the UK and France were granted potentially lucrative oil allocations by Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

It says British MP George Galloway and former French minister Charles Pasqua were given the right to buy oil under the UN's oil-for-food scheme.

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May 12 2005 18:00

I can just see Galloway cackling away to himself as he surveys the 500,000 barrels of crude oil cunningly concealed in his shed.

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May 13 2005 07:27

What is hilarious is that SWP members automatically say this is a smear from the security services (either US or Britain)

Try telling an SWper that a group like Searchlight (for example) works hand in hand with the security services, and they look at you as if you have just landed from another planet.

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May 13 2005 09:48

I'd say i'm 80% sure it's an Intelligence smear.

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Jacques Roux
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May 13 2005 09:51

I wouldnt say that any of it is untrue... just without the negative conotations they are trying to lumber him with. I mean he could have been using money aquired through certain "odd" methods to fund charity programs in Iraq, couldnt he?

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May 13 2005 13:05

oh for crying out loud, surely theres enough genuine information about how shit he is without needing to invent crap liek this

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May 13 2005 13:57

US congress - untrustworthy. Allahway - untrustworthy. It remains to be seen etc.

However, can I suggest that anyone who attends a public meeting with the Dundonian Nick Griffin hums the Dallas theme throughout?

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May 13 2005 14:45

yeah as much as i hate to admit it i see it more as a smear as well, but the issue is that galloway holds himself so open to this shite happening, so he's really only got himself to blame, the fecker

also noticed how all the press are all over themslves to pring the pictures of him meeting sadam and handing him football style pendants, the media will do the demonisation on behalf of the senate now, but again the fecker shouldn't get himself into these situations where things can be inferred or implied

i don't care a fuck about him, but it's a scary situation nonetheless, a few comments were made across the road that it's more an attack on the UN and the secutrity council to discredit it, and therefore make it more appealing to the US public, of the future bypassing of the UN to come.

Guess galloway just presented himself as a useful idiot/fool in that regard, ironic isn't it!

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May 13 2005 15:15

I loathe "allah"way cos

1.His hamfisted mish mash of butch leftyness and pius religous claptrap

2.His bigheaded almost monomiacal view that his some sort of guru or sage.

3.His wispy tash

4.His tan

5.Guardain readers bit of rough

6.pinter is a fan

7.His Sub- maimi vice clobber.