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Mar 1 2005 00:24

Anyhting there I should check out that i wont read about in guide books?

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Mar 1 2005 07:26

I went in 2002, and had a great time.

Turkish baths, statue park (all old Communist statues dismantled in a park in the suburbs) lots of stodgy food, and cheap beer.

On the alternative side of things, to be honest I saw fuck all. I noticed nothing in the way of alternative/anarchist culture, although on the plus side you were not falling over nazis every few yards, as was the case the last time I went to Italy.

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Mar 1 2005 09:45

Back when I lived in Budapest (7-10 years ago) there were a lot of nazis that I came across (my landlord/landlady both went on a lot about "The Jews" and about how Hungary was so much better off under the Nazis - I think the general reason is the majority of the population getting a better deal under Hitler than under Stalin). But there was also lots of anti-nazi graffiti (Nazik Kifele!). There're a lot of bulletholes in buildings from the 1956 uprising, and there's a lot of interesting stuff in the national war museum (at least I think it's that one) about that, including the hand from a statue of stalin which was ripped down in the process.

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Mar 1 2005 19:52

My friend Liberal Laura went to Budapest on an Art trip recently (I ask you....). The hotel served her egg with peas and custard. I don't suppose you'd be into that. She brought some information about the communist occupation back for her History teacher. Being a liberal, she didn't uncover anything cool in Budapest cry

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Jacques Roux
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Mar 1 2005 19:55

From google there seems to be something called the Budapest Autonomous Community... but all links to it are dead sad