*an urgent call for international solidarity to the homeless liberation movement in osaka, jap islands!

*Comrade_M was arrested by POLIZEI!

Comrades & Affinities;

last night(21:00?), a homeless liberation activist in osaka was arrested by fuckin' GESTAPO in o$aKKKa as a "swindle suspicion". of course, he is innocent. this is THEIR frame-up as a first step of fatal damage to the homeless liberation movement in osaka. we strongly demand that o$aKKKa POLIZEI must release Comrade_M immediately! and also we strongly demand that POLIZEI must release 4 comrades in osaka immediately!! any solidarity is needed! if you will be able to carry out to do something, protest to the branches of japnese officials...etc. anyway, further updating will come soon...if i will not be arrested by jap gestapo. thanx.
2006-09-28 12:56:49

*2 homeless comrades & 2 activists arrested

Comrades & affinities;

24 hours ago, 2 homeless comrades living in nishinari park & 2 homeless liberation activists arrested by osaKKKa-pref POLIZEI in osaka city, japanese islands. POLIZEI insisted on that their charges are violently interrupting some evil PUBLIC WORKs at naniwa park on this april and so on... all they did was watching on evil actions by city officers with the tent residents. so, this is a violent suppression by the POLIZEI and its subjects for the homeless liberation movement in osaka. details will come soon... anyway, watch & protest to the fuckin' POLIZEI PIGS of o$aKKKa! any solidarity is needed. thanx. in solidarity.(rebel_JILL)

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Sep 29 2006 09:37


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Sep 29 2006 09:55

Thanks for the information Jill.

We did have a discussion on another one of your posts about the misuse of words like "gestapo", which do detract from the message of your posts...

Sep 29 2006 11:50

so sorry for my wrong english & wrong communications...if you will be able to delete it, please do it. however, now is our emergency. i have no time to discuss it... official call of osaka will come soon. so, i will leave here. thanx.

Oct 14 2006 03:11

*an update of the OSAKA5


on afternoon of 12 Oct 2006, 2 comrades of osaka5 hear the "announcement for reasons of the custody" at osaka loKKKal court:

+a homeless comrade living in nishinari park--being confined at hirano polizei office, osaka city.

+a homeless comrade living in nishinari park--being confined at ooyodo polizei office, osaka city.

also, on last night, a homeless liberation activist--being confined at tondabayashi polizei office, tondabayashi city, osaka pref-- was removed to the osaka prison by law authorities. above all, this fact will make some difficult situation of communicating him for his lawyer. however, insults & brutal treating by polizei pigs might be decreased.

anyway, we, the members of homeless liberation movement in osaka, will try to visit following each polizei offices...for encouraging each comrades of osaka5 on afternoon of 17 Oct 2006.(most of us would love to visit each polizei offices on this week, however, unfortunately, we have so many schedules now.):
+ hirano police office(southwest area of JapanRailway's hirano station)
+ ooyodo police office(north area of JR hukushima station)
+ osaka prison(north of JR sakuranomiya station)
+ naniwa police office(ground surface of subway's ebisu station)
+ nishinari police office(south of JR shinimamiya station)

la batalo continuos!(*)

there is no time to empty talk! WE MUST ACT!!(a militant comrade on spanish revolution-V.D.)
squatters/homeless_comrades unite!

Oct 19 2006 07:46


on 10:50am of yesterday, suddenly comrade_M was released from osaka prison by polizei/law authorities. however, his mental situation is not steady. for, still now, he might have a possibility of further arresting by polizei. and also, still now, other comrades of osaka5 are not released. so, we, the Repression relief organization on 27 Sep 2006, must strongly demand that release all comrades from each of fuckin' custodies now!
...anyway, thank you so much for you all supporting him. in solidarity.