Biggest Prison Riot Since Strangeways Hushed Up

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Jan 30 2005 09:31
Biggest Prison Riot Since Strangeways Hushed Up

The extent of the 2002 riot at HMP Lincoln is now becoming known, as long prison sentences are handed out for "prison mutiny".

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Feb 14 2005 08:13

Nine-year sentences were given to:

* Alan Brown, 30, from Nottingham

* Gavin Collins, 24, from Mansfield

* Michael Westwood, 23, from Birmingham

* Benjamin Daws, 24, from Nottingham

* John Thomas Lambert, 23, from Sutton on Sea, Lincs

* Lee McGrath, 32, from Louth, Lincs

Does anyone have any contact details for these guys?

Jason Cortez
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Feb 21 2005 22:10

Have you tried asking the Prisoners Advice Service. ADDRESS. Unit 210 Hatton Square 16-16a Baldwins

Gardens EC1N 7RJ. Usually very helpful.

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Apr 19 2005 10:06

It seems several prisoners are now suing the Home Office as they were traumatised by the riot:

Either they are swinging the lead, or this really was a biggie!