Bloc for Palestine

In the beginning of July the G8 summit will take place in Scotland. As usual a big protest is being organized to confront the participating leaders who are disconnected from the people and their true interests.

According to Ariel Sharon’s statements the withdraw from Gaza strip will also take place in July. Sharon's so-called disengagement plan receives a lot of the international media attention, describing it as the beginning of the end of the Israeli occupation.

In order to bring attention to the ongoing suffering of the Palestinians and the damage done to them (including the apartheid wall), we are building a group of Israelis, Palestinians and Internationals who will join together to form a “Bloc for Palestine”. This bloc will act in the Anti-G8 demonstrations and direct actions in Scotland, trying to expose other activists and the general public to the Palestinian issue (with a special attention to the fact that Sharon’s disconnecting program is a cover for further crimes).

On Wednesday (13.4) at 18:00, we will meet in Salon Mazal (Simta Almonit 3, Tel-Aviv, Israel/Palestine), and discuss action types and promotion “Bloc for Palestine”. We will also try to write down together the bloc’s manifest. If you are planning to come to the Anti-G8 demonstrations in Scotland, or if you want to help us – please come to this meeting.

We will be thankful for distributing this E-mail to the relevant people.

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Apr 12 2005 14:15


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