Poland- antifa prisoner denied parole again!

Tomasz wilkoszewski is an anti-fascist prisoner, serving 15 years for killing a nazi skinhead during street fight.

Tomek is just after another parole board hearing. His parole was denied another time. Judge asked him if he is going to maintain contact with his supporters when he goes outside. tomek said that "yes" although now he doesn't think anymore that violence is a solution to anything. Judge was also visibly annoyed at large amount of letters and petitions arrfiving in his case and said it works to Tomek's disadvantage (very questionably- more likeluy its the way to undermine Tomek's support). His lawyers is filing an appeal and ABC groups have hard discussion about what to do next. In the meantime Tomek needs letters of support:

Tomasz Wilkoszewski
Orzechowa 5
98-200 Sieradz

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Eastern Barbarian
Mar 8 2007 00:14


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