anarchist killed by neo nazis, Russia

R.I.P comrade!


Timur Kacharava

21.08.1985 - 13.11.2005

Timur was an active member of St. Petersburg's hardcore punk and anarchist

community, and our dear friend. On the evening of November 13, Timur

became the victim of a nazi attack. After a Food Not Bombs action on

Vladimirskaya square Timur and a few other kids went to a Bukvoyed

bookshop on Ligovsky prospect. Around 7 p.m. he and his friend Max

"Zgibov" Zgibai were smoking outside when they were attacked by a group of

8 to 10 nazis. Timur suffered multiple stab wounds in the neck. Zgibov is

in the hospital in a stable condition with five stab wounds.

The ambulance arrived in about ten minutes. By then Timur was dead due to

heavy blood loss. Zgibov was taken to the Mariinsky Hospital. The police

are investigating the incident; they have some suspects. There's a

graffiti on the wall next to the place where Timur was murdered, and there

are candles, pictures, and flowers his friends placed as a tribute.

Timur was a founding member of the St. Petersburg political hardcore punk

band Sandinista! which formed in 2003. He was the musical leader, writing

most of the music and playing lead guitar. The band's debut s/t MCD is to

be released on Moscow's Old Skool Kids Records; the same label released a

DVD of Old Skool Kids Fest in September 2004 which features several songs

by Sandinista! In the Summer of 2005 Timur also joined the local d-beat

hardcore band Distress. He returned to St. Petersburg from a Scandinavian

tour with Distress just a few days before being murdered.

Timur took an active part in the anarchist activities in the city, such as

Food Not Bombs group and Epitsentr infoshop. He was also active in

day-to-day confrontation with nazis in the streets. He was a fourth year

student of philosophy in St. Petersburg State University, and a committed


Zgibov was Timur's bandmate in Sandinista! in 2004-2005. Before that

Zgibov played bass in hardcore punk band Svinokop and also is a singer and

bassist in grind band Potom Budet Pozdno, along with running his own tape

label Ni Esperas.

For U.S. readers: Timur is seen on the Out Cold live in St. Petersburg DVD

dancing, and his voice saying "Old school hardcore isn't about windmills,

dude" is in fact heard as the intro to the film.

Timur will be loved and remembered by everyone who knew him. He is

especially missed by his parents and girlfriend Lyubava.

Should this be put to the libcom newswire as well?

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