"The Zeitgeist Projection" (Lancaster)

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Sep 21 2010 19:55
"The Zeitgeist Projection" (Lancaster)

"The Zeitgeist Projection"

Speaker: Brian Johnson

Brian's talk will cover the origins of Jacque Fresco's thinking; how TZM came about; how the idea of a resource based economy have engaged the TZM 'members' thinking process to rebut the dominant ideas of capitalism; how the 'members' are tuned in to how capitalism is a barrier to social progress; how the lack of an accredited membership is proving to be a barrier to the democratic decision making process and finally why it's necessary for socialists to become engaged with TZM.

Public meeting of the Lancaster branch of the Socialist Party.

Join us to discuss socialism and organise to promote a world of production for use not profit. A world of common ownership and democratic control without the state, classes, leaders, nations, war or money.

Monday 27th September 8:30pm

The Gregson Centre
33-35 Moorgate
Lancaster LA1 3PY

All welcome. Free admission. Free discussion.