Zapatista Film Night October Glasgow

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Martin O Neill
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Oct 12 2009 16:07
Zapatista Film Night October Glasgow

Zapatista Film Night
Sunday 18th of October
Upstairs Lounge
Dow's Bar (opposite side entrance of Queen Street Station)
Dundas Street

'Salud Y Solidaridad'
Scottish Zapatista solidarity groups are twinned with the Autonomous
Municipality "16th February" whose 40 indiginous villages are in great need
of a better health and education infrastructure. In 2004 "16th February"
asked the Scottish solidarity groups for support to build their first
autonomous health clinic - 'Health and Solidarity' shows its successful
construction. 21 mins.

'The Path of the Jaguar' describes the visit by activists from the Oaxacan
Social Movements Youth Encuentro from the city of Oaxaca to the Isthmus of
Tehuantepec, an impoverished and isolated rural part of Oaxaca State in
Mexico. Their plan was to listen and understand the problems caused by
neoliberalism there. 24 mins.

Q&A with Glasgow and Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Groups

+ Chiapas Solidarity Stall including 2010 calendars

Co-hosted with Glasgow Anarchist Group