Zabalaza no.14 Out Now!

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Aug 17 2015 16:55
Zabalaza no.14 Out Now!

Issue number 14 of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front's journal, Zabalaza: A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism, published August 2015, is now available online in PDF here.


Zabalaza #14 Editorial by Tina Sizovuka

Southern Africa

• South Africa and the DRC: Has Rhodes passed on the baton? by Shawn Hattingh (ZACF)
• Class Rule Must Fall! More Statues, More Working Class by Leroy Maisiri
• For How Long can South African Elites Keep Misleading the People? by Philip Nyalungu
• SPEECH: Working Class Struggle, Blazing a Path to Freedom by Lucien van der Walt
• The General Approach of Anarchists/Syndicalists to the United Front and NUMSA by Jakes Factoria and Tina Sizovuka


• In the Rubble of US Imperialism: The PKK, YPG and the Islamic State by Shawn Hattingh (ZACF)
• The State of Climate Change by Bongani Maponyane (ZACF)
• Building a Mass Anarchist Movement: The Example of Spain’s CNT by Thabang Sefalafala and Lucien van der Walt
• Imperial Wars, Imperialism and the Losers: A Critique of Certain ‘Labour Aristocracy’ Theories by Lucien van der Walt

Black Stars of Anarchism

• Domingos Passos: The Brazilian Bakunin by Renato Ramos and Alexandre Samis

Book Review

• REVIEW: Spanish Revolution Remembered: Peirats’ “The CNT in the Spanish Revolution” by Jakes Factoria


• The Anarchist Road to Revolution by Bongani Maponyane (ZACF)
• Putting Politics into Practice: The Importance of Democracy and Education in Unions by Pitso Mompe (ZACF)


• Anarchism and Counter-Culture: The Centrality of Ideas by Warren McGregor (ZACF)


What does the ZACF stand for?

Download the Zabalaza 14 PDF here.

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Sep 24 2015 14:30

Zabalaza is pretty boring. It seems only to want to go through the routine of having to present a public "anarchist" line on things just to give those who are part of this organisation something to do: they seem suffocated by the general complacent atmosphere of indifference. It rarely has anything to say about the constant ongoing class struggle in South Africa, an absence which makes it not much different from the dominant media.

As this article - "South Africa: street-sweepers “arrest” mayor…& MORE!!!" - points out

‘Developments in South Africa overwhelm all accounting. That which would cause headlines in most countries is often, in South Africa, so commonplace that it scarcely qualifies as news’

– Chris Shutes, On the poverty of Berkeley life and the marginal stratum of American society in general, 1983

Could Chris Shutes have had any suspicion when he wrote these words, that his statement would remain true over three decades later? Imagine what would happen if the mayors of London, New York, Paris or Moscow were trapped in their offices by street-sweepers, and only escaped under heavy police escort? Yet when this happens in SA today hardly anyone takes the slightest notice!....
....The fact that actions such as those of the Pretoria street sweepers remain ‘scarcely newsworthy’ seems to me a sign not only of the overwhelming extent of social contestation in this country, but also of the underwhelming effect these struggles have been capable of producing beyond their immediate local situation. The fact of the matter remains that, unless one takes an interest in these things, it is entirely possible for the readers and writers of the mainstream media to pass through the day completely unaware of the ferment bubbling all around them, and this is indeed what happens. The set-up of the cities was expressly designed for this purpose well before official apartheid was implemented, and things remain the same decades after official apartheid has ended. More than that, there is little tangible change detectable anywhere in everyday life regardless of where you are. The fresh air of rebellion seldom blows anywhere beyond the barricades. Housewives, pensioners, pupils, professional and manual workers, the unemployed, are not talking to one another about their situation, their desires and dissatisfaction any more here than they are elsewhere.....