Zabalaza no.12 now available online

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Zabalaza no.12 now available online

Announcing the publication of issue number twelve of the anarchist communist journal Zabalaza: A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism, July 2011. Now available online in .PDF

Southern Africa

* Take Back What’s Yours: the Mine-Line Occupation –Shawn Hattingh (ZACF)
* Andries Tatane: Murdered by the Ruling Classes – Shawn Hattingh (ZACF)
* Build a Better Workers’ Movement: Learning from South Africa’s 2010 Mass Strike – Lucien van der Walt and Ian


* Egypt, “Transition in Order” and a Revolutionary Situation still open – José Antonio Gutiérrez D.


* Without Bosses: the Process of Recovering Companies by their Workers in Argentina, 2001-2009 – Red Libertaria de Buenos Aires
* Picking Up the Slack in Waste Collection and Ecological Protection: the Struggle of Recyclable Waste Pickers in Uruguay and Brazil – Jonathan Payn (ZACF)


* Anarchism in Tunisia: Nicolò (Nicolantonio) Converti, 1855-1939
* Why May Day Matters: History with Anarchist Roots – Sian Byrne (ZACF), Warren McGregor (ZACF) and Lucien van der Walt
* The Spanish Revolution: A New World in their Hearts – 19th of July: Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the start of the Spanish Revolution


* What Anarchism and Syndicalism offer the South African Left – Lucien van der Walt
* Organisational Dualism, Active Minority and the discussion between ‘Party’ and ‘Mass Movement’ – Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro
* Worker Co-operatives, Markets and the South African State: an Analysis from an Anarchist Perspective – Oliver Nathan (ZACF)


* Kicker Conspiracy: How football fell foul of the State – Interview with Gabriel Kuhn

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