Young french anti-fascist beaten to death

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Jun 19 2013 00:37
Young french anti-fascist beaten to death

I completely missed this

Wednesday, June 5, 2013, leaving a clothing store near the Saint-Lazare, our comrade Clement unionist es Student Solidarity activist and the Antifascist Action Paris-Banlieue station was beaten to death by members of the extreme right. The death of our comrade in the context of the progress of a violent fascist movement in France and elsewhere in Europe. Clement in brain died of his wounds at Pitié-Salpêtrière.

His loss overwhelms us. Our pain and anger are compounded by the certainty that many and many are those who, activists antifacistes, people exposed to homophobia and / or racism, could and can still be victims.

Today, all our thoughts are with his family and his family and his fellow Student Solidarity es to whom we express our solidarity.

This heinous act is inseparable from the increase in racist attacks by homophobic right-wing activists in recent months and the installation of a climate of hatred maintained by political speeches condemning not the exclusivity of the National Front and fascist factions ..

Beyond the police and judicial action, the time to strengthen the anti-fascist mobilization. Solidarity with Student-es, the Trade Union Solidarity calls on all those who condemn this heinous act and refuse to settle the vermin extreme right to participate massively in many rallies today and in the coming days in Paris and in the provinces, including one tonight Thursday, June 6 from 17 h before the passage of Havre Saint Lazare metro and then join the Saint Michel 18 h 30.
(I wouldn't bother reading the guardian article, it is a liberal hack job)