Yorkshire Anarchist Group - Launch Lunch

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Jan 23 2010 15:19
Yorkshire Anarchist Group - Launch Lunch

Anyone who fancies a good day out this February should get themselves to the Yorkshire Anarchist Group (YAG) Launch Lunch at Bradford’s 1in12 Club on Saturday, 6th February (now starting at 11am) with special guest speaker, Mr Ian Bone…

It’s going to be tongue firmly in cheek with waiter service, Red & Black serviettes and even limited edition YAG beer mats! A good time should be had by all - and did we mention the irrepressible, Mr Ian Bone!!!

And it would seem that posh dinners are something of an anarchist tradition: as Damien Engine said on Ian’s blog…

This is brilliant and coincides with something i’m reading – a great biography of Bakunin by Mark Leier (put it on your post-christmas lists comrades). It seems that in the 1840s or whenever, radicals regularly had political meetings under the guise of great banquets – this to confound the anti-political meeting laws. Av it! Banqueting is the revolutionary way forward. Want to break through to the masses? Get banqueting! Why should those rich fuckers have all the pies?

One of the organisers, the wonderful Dr Peter Good of ‘The Cunningham Amendment’, has just updated the itinerary…

There are some last minute alterations to the Dinner…

11am. Meet for pre-drink-drinkies in the 1in12 club bar.

Add to menu: “olive nero anarchismo” Dinner begins promptly at midday.

I’ve spoken to the accounts department and they are happy not to charge comrades who can’t meet the £2 cover.

Pablo he ask: “In my day I hitch the hike to meetings in Milano. Prego.”

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Jan 23 2010 15:47

that's a very early lunch!and drinks at 11 a.m.?

You Northerns...

Yorkshire Anarc...
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Jan 23 2010 17:43

Good job we dropped the idea about the Brunch Slammers then wink

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Jan 24 2010 04:51

There's always time for drinking! tongue
Anyway, been looking very forward to this for quite a while now. It's getting closer! ^^

Mark Leier
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Jan 24 2010 19:29

Thanks for the kind words for my book on Bakunin. Shameless plug: it's coming out in paperback so should be more available.

Any chance someone could send me a YAG beer mat? Wish I could attend!


Mark Leier