Woker fired for union organsing - call for support 12th September

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Woker fired for union organsing - call for support 12th September

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On the 21st August Chris Lockwood, union organiser and member of the
Industrial Workers of the World was fired from his bar job at the
Showroom Cinema in Sheffield (UK). This has been part of a long
campaign by management of picking off and isolating workers who have
voiced objections to recent changes that have worsened the conditions of
all who work there. The Showroom cinema is a registered charity and
claims to be an "investor in people", yet has consistently attacked
workers pay and conditions with the sole aim of greater profits.

We believe that every worker (no matter what the industry) is entitled to
respect and should be organised to defend themselves in the work place.
Chris’ firing represents a direct and illegal attack against union
organising. Management have refused our request to review his dismissal
so on the 12th of September members of the Industrial Workers of the
World will be picketing the Showroom cinema to demand the immediate
reinstatement of Chris Lockwood.

Please support us by –

1) Joining the picket lines.

Picketing will begin at 10am and go on until the bar shuts at 1:00am.
Busiest times, however, are between 12 and 3 and 5 and 8. If you are able
to bring food or drinks to support picketers this will also be very much

The Showroom cinema is at –
7 Paternoster row
S1 2BX

If you are coming by train then the cinema is directly opposite the
entrance to the train station. If you are coming by coach then you have to
walk up pond street (towards the train station) to get to paternoster row.
If you require accommodation this can be arranged (please email
sheffield@iww.org.uk beforehand).

2) Solidarity actions or emails and calls of protest to affiliates

The Showroom cinema has a number of affiliate organisations who provide it
with funding and support. These include –

Europa cinemas –

54, Rue Beaubourg - F-75003 Paris
Tél. + 33 1 42 71 53 70 - Fax + 33 1 42 71 47 55

General Director
Claude-Eric POIROUX
e-mail: cepoiroux@europa-cinemas.org

International Relations & Events
e-mail: fatim@djoumer.de

The Independent Cinema Office –

Independent Cinema Office
3rd Floor
Kenilworth House
79–80 Margaret Street
London W1W 8TA

T. 020 7636 7120
F. 020 7636 7121
E. info@independentcinemaoffice.org.uk

The UK Film Council –

10 Little Portland Street
London W1W 7JG
Tel 44 (0) 20 7861 7861
Fax 44 (0) 20 7861 7862

3) Support our telephone and email blockade.

On the 12th September from 10am til 1am on the 13th we are calling for an
email and phone blockade on the showroom cinema.

Either telephone (+44) 0114 276 3534 and ask to speak to Julie Simpson (or
a member of the senior management team) about the dismissal of Chris

Or copy and paste the following email and send to info@showroom.org.uk,
julie@showroom.org.uk, and commercial.admin@showroom.org.uk.

Template email:

To whom it may concern,

I am contacting you today to register my protest against the illegal
dismissal of Chris Lockwood. Chris is a union organiser and member of
the Industrial Workers of the World and has been discriminated against on
this basis. A member of senior management has stated in conversation to
a union delegate that you believe Chris’ dismissal to be fair because he
was only a “casual” labourer. This may be how you chose to label those
who work just above minimum wage in your bar and cinema. I, however,
believe that workers are entitled to respect in their workplace and the
right to organise. The clearly trumped up charges (and failure to follow
statutory procedure) represents an illegal move by your management team
against union organising. I will not support or patronise your business
and will do everything in my power to publicise and protest your actions
until the complete reinstatement of Chris Lockwood.

Yours Faithfully,


Thankyou in advance for your solidarity and support.

Industrial Workers of the World (Sheffield)
IU 660 – General Distribution Workers