Wine and Cheese pamphlet on elections

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Apr 18 2010 09:58
Wine and Cheese pamphlet on elections
The modern democratic state exercises considerable power over its subjects. There is hardly any aspect of life for which no law exists. This state demands to decide on matters of life and death of its citizens – the latter mainly in times of war. In all this, the state allows no other power over its subjects, it insists on having the monopoly on violence. In short, this state leaves almost nothing unregulated and considers almost nothing outside of its responsibility; it demands control. It demands to be the ultimate force in society.

This demand stands in stark contrast to the mantra of modern democracies that ‘the people’ have sovereignty. It is indeed true that every three to five years the state asks its subjects to cast a vote. In particular, the state asks its subjects, collectivised as ‘the people’, which representatives should be given the power to pass laws. Indirectly, the state – directed by the government – even asks who should form the next government. It is worth appreciating for a moment that this vote does not stop at some meagre local council or other lower ranks of the state. Instead, this vote in all seriousness, actuality and full colour does decide who sits in parliament and ultimately who will form the government. The majority of voters – restricted by some regulations – decide who will sit in that parliament which decides how long they have to finish their beer after closing and do choose who will form that very government which decides over life and death. This decision, the people make.