Welcome to Father Frost against Putin IV Festival in Helsinki

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Dec 10 2016 18:00
Welcome to Father Frost against Putin IV Festival in Helsinki

From 7th to 8th of January 2017 fourth Father Frost against
Putin-festival will be organised in Helsinki. Exact festival location
will be announced later.

As in earlier years, various Russian grassroot initiatives will present
themselves in festival. You should visit festival, if you are interested
on what has happened in Russian anarchist, feminist and queer movements
during year 2016.

All festival events will be open to everyone.

The festival organizers promise free meals to every visitor from abroad
during the two festival days. Vegan food will be provided so it is
suitable for as many people as possible.
For additional information, contact dedmoroz@riseup.net.

Festival begins 12 AM on Saturday 7th of January. Festival program will
include at least a talk by Alexey Gaskarov, a longstanding anti-fascist
activist who was released from prison in October, having served a 3.5
year prison sentence.

Full program will be published later.

The festival is organized by Alusta anarchist federation (Helsinki local
group A-ryhmä) and
Anarchist Black Cross of Helsinki.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1269495986458842/
WWW: https://avtonom.org/en/news/welcome-father-frost-against-putin-iv-festiv...