'A Society in Crisis' - Glasgow and Edinburgh Branches' Day School (Glasgow)

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'A Society in Crisis' - Glasgow and Edinburgh Branches' Day School (Glasgow)

The Middle East Powder Keg: Gwynn Thomas (South London Branch)

For over one hundred years the Middle East has been a region of instability, wars and super power rivalries. Modernisation and population growth since the end of Ottoman rule has brought new social and political problems not least of which has been the massive popular uprisings of the Twitter Revolution. Where do the calls for change go from here?

The Rise of Chinese Capitalism: Paul Bennett (Manchester Branch)

China recently overtook Japan to become the world's second largest economy. Like other capitalist countries it has been taking steps to ensure supplies of raw materials and secure export markets as seen by the increasing activities of Chinese companies in Africa. This talk will look at the background to the growth of capitalism in China, the efforts of workers to fight back and the likely impact on the global capitalist system.

Has Capitalism a Future?: John Cumming (Glasgow Branch)

Most supporters of capitalism, including, most critics, claim that capitalism is the only society which can exist, despite their abhorrence of certain aspects of capitalism, often demand reforms of capitalism as a way of solving social problems.

The Socialist Party has always denied that capitalism could or would collapse spontaneously or that reforms of capitalism are a solution to social problems.

What is the solution then? The Socialist Party is organised for nothing less than the overthrow of capitalism: a complete revolution. Do you agree? If so, join us! If not, tell us why not!

Maryhill Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Road, Glasgow G20 7YE

Saturday 14th May 1pm-5pm

All welcome.

Free admission. Free discussion. Free light refreshments provided.

Organised by the Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Details of this and all our meetings can be found here: