"The Socialist Party's record - warts and all" (Glasgow)

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Aug 14 2011 12:45
"The Socialist Party's record - warts and all" (Glasgow)

"Since the SPGB was founded in 1904 generations of its members have had to examine whatever social, political and economic events arose.

For example, there were two world wars, the Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia, the rise of fascism, the Wall Street crash, the Social Credit movement of the 1930s, the election of Labour governments, the threat of nuclear weapons, inflation and much more.

Of course the party has made a few mistakes none of which were serious, but these are nothing compared to its successes which are truly remarkable since they were achieved by ordinary working class men and women and they did this by simply applying Marxist theory when most of the phoney Marxist floundered in reformist politics."

Speaker - Vic Vanni

Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 8:30pm

Maryhill Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Road, Glasgow G20 7YE

All welcome.

Free entry. Lively discussion to follow.

Full details of this and all SPGB meetings can be found here:

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Aug 14 2011 15:44

Just a few little mistakes then! Nothing to concern yourselves about really, just carry on as usual, nothing has obviously changed since 1904 to cause you to rethink anything at all?.

It's all just reflections on 'the passing show' I suppose.

I mean the SPGB has it's strengths and all that but self-satisfied bullshit or what!!

Sadly none of us can claim any real 'success' since capitalism grinds on, but this just seems like an attempt to satisfy yourselves of your own worth rather than any genuine, and long overdue, critical self-examination.