social centre plus opens on wednesday

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Mar 14 2011 21:35
social centre plus opens on wednesday

Expecting to see you all there, if you've already seen this on facebook sorry!

We will be opening our doors to say “HELLO DEPTFORD” on Wednesday afternoon and evening to coincide with market day. We will be offering you food, films and discussion all day.

The programme is as follows:

12-2pm Lunchtime café: bring your own food or share some of ours
6-7pm Open doors: come in for a cuppa and a chat, before…

7pm Short films: a selection of short films about the recent history of Deptford and its surrounding area. There will also be an evening café with more food.

8pm Hollywood blockbuster: the cinema night will end with a fantastic, brand spankin’ new Hollywood film!

Any questions, come and knock on the door or email us at

Donations and press welcome.

See you all then!


The Occupiers

Jason Cortez
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Mar 15 2011 17:46

It will be sweet!

Boydell's picture
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Mar 17 2011 19:00

quality. this is just the job at the moment i reckon.

Can you tell us a bit more about the set-up? How many did it take to get it rolling, how are you getting around the "we're not trained advisors" problem (ignore it? act as advocates?), how did you get the word out, what did you have going on?

Appreciate you'll be busy at the mo, but these are the kinds of skills we need to share i reckon.

Again - top one, hats off.