SeaSol 2012 UK tour! September 13th, 18th-20th

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Sep 12 2012 00:51
SeaSol 2012 UK tour! September 13th, 18th-20th


Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol) is a US based workers' and tenants' mutual aid group which fight back against bosses and landlords when they do something like steal your wages or your damage deposit. By supporting each other through collective direct action, and winning these small fights we build our strength, experience and confidence, we can take on bigger opponents and take back more from the bosses - and we start to realize that we can do far more than that - we can create a new world...

13th: London
18th: Nottingham
19th: Newcastle
20th: Glasgow - room 709, Boyd Orr Building, Glasgow University, 6.30pm

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Sep 20 2012 21:21

Nottingham one was excellent. Many thanks.

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Sep 21 2012 19:21

Newcastle was great too! Well done and thanks!