#RiseUpOctober - NYC - October 24th, 2015

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#RiseUpOctober - NYC - October 24th, 2015


Stop Police Terror!

Massive March in NYC October 24, 2015
Washington Square Park, NYC 11 am
March at 1:00
Closing Rally at Columbus Circle at 4:00

Actions on October 22 & 23

Which Side Are You On?

Eric Garner... Michael Brown…Aiyana Jones... Freddie Gray… Rekia Boyd… Andy Lopez…Tamir Rice

One after another, precious Black and Brown lives are stolen by police. The powers-that-be continue to unleash their cops to kill and brutalize and the courts continue to exonerate these killers. No more!

The #RiseUpOctober massive march in NYC on October 24th, along with powerful actions on Oct 22 & 23, will make history. 100 families of police murder victims, Carl Dix, Cornel West, Eve Ensler, Jamal Joseph, Rev. Stephen Phelps, Gina Belafonte and countless others will demand: POLICE TERROR MUST STOP! WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?

Check the Calendar to get the details on October 24, and to get involved with activities building for #RiseUpOctober.

Anyone know anything about this?