Revolutionary Front UK statement

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Revolutionary Front UK statement

Comrades, friends, brothers and sisters, this is the Revolutionary Front.

• What is the Revolutionary Front?
The Revolutionary Front is a youth based organisation of militant far leftists. We stand against fascism, capitalism, sexism, the corporate elite, the banking elite, nationalism and xenophobia. We stand for internationalism, the abolishment of state and capital, revolution and total working class solidarity and unity.

• Why was the Revolutionary Front established?
It has been proven that students and youth are more likely to be attracted to radical politics, but those who have an interest in far left politics are often left with no organisation to turn to, as many of the current existing organisations tend to cater to the previous generation of far leftists, whose politics are commonly outdated and out of touch with the youth of today, who ultimately, will be those leading the world into the new day and age. We were established to provide an organisation for those who do not wish to turn to the last generation for leadership, and who instead wish to take an active role in our struggle themselves, surrounded by people of their own age.

• Are you affiliated with the Swedish Revolutionary Front?
No we are not. We only share a name and ideology, but we are proud to call them our comrades in arms in the war against fascism and capitalism.

• Can I join the Revolutionary Front?
Once we get an email established, we will provide the details on this page of how to apply to join the Revolutionary Front. You must be between the ages of 15 and 30 to join, and you must be willing, devoted and unwavering in your beliefs. The Revolutionary Front has no need or patience for sellouts or those who will break easily.

• What is planned for the Revolutionary Front?
We have a great many things planned for the organisation in the near future. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

Red and black salute!
~ Revolutionary Front UK