Reading Marx' Capital Seminar - London - 12.3.2011-13.3.2011

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Jan 5 2011 23:24
Reading Marx' Capital Seminar - London - 12.3.2011-13.3.2011

While we do not consider everything Karl Marx wrote to be correct, we learned a lot from his main work Capital Volumes 1-3. We hold that the critique of political economy still hits its mark today. Yet, Capital is no easy book to read. Especially the first six chapters present a frustrating hurdle to many readers, such that Karl Marx suggested that some readers should simply skip these. On the contrary, we hold that many Marxists' (e.g., Marxist-Leninists) failure to grasp the concepts presented in the first few chapters, such as value, exchange and abstract labour, causes them to end up with inadequate theories about contemporary capitalism. Thus, at this two-day seminar, we want to provide a thorough entry to this work, starting from Chapter 1.

The aim of this project is not to get as far as possible, but to go as slow as necessary. Thus, we plan to read and discuss Chapter 1 sentence by sentence.

The seminar is mainly meant as a support for people who want to continue reading the book afterwards by themselves or in reading groups. Depending on demand, we could also consider a follow up seminar picking up where this one ends.

The seminar is free but prior registration at is required so we can estimate how many people are interested. For those from outside London we unfortunately cannot provide a place to stay for the night, sorry.