Radical Anthropology Talks in London

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Radical Anthropology Talks in London

Radical Anthropology Talks
An Introduction to Anthropology
Summer 2015

Human language and symbolic culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years ago, in a momentous and revolutionary upheaval whose echoes can still be heard in myths, fairy tales and ritual traditions from all corners of the world. Topics during this wide-ranging term range from the history of the family, through archaeoastronomy, climate science and mythology to the politics of sex and gender. In addition to the usual lecture and workshop formats, the term features spectacular live shows by two of Britain's most celebrated performance artists, Marcus Coates (May 19) and Marisa Carnesky (June 23).

May 12 ‘Does father absence affect children growing up?’ Paula Sheppard

May 19 ‘Becoming animal and becoming human’, a live show by Marcus Coates

May 26 ‘The Revolution in Rojava: Strengths and Challenges’. Jeff Miley

June 2 ‘The Coming of the Dread: the Rastafari-Maori of New Zealand’s East Coast.’ Dave Robinson

June 9 'A Basque Magdalenian cave interpreted in the light of the sex-strike theory of human origins'. Lionel Sims

June 16 ‘A key myth from Claude Lévi-Strauss’ Mythologiques: “The Hunter Monmanéki and his wives”’. Chris Knight

June 23 ‘Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman’ Marisa Carnesky

June 30 ‘Revolution, repetition and the cult of death: the burials and empty tombs of Rosa Luxemburg.’ Anthony Auerbach

All talks held at the Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Rd., NW1 1HB (London Euston).
Events are free but small donations welcome.
Tuesdays, 6.30–9.00pm. More Info: radicalanthropologygroup.org
For updates on meetings and anthropology news, follow us on @radicalanthro and Facebook