Public debt and the crisis in the Eurozone - London - 11.12.2011

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Dec 6 2011 06:24
Public debt and the crisis in the Eurozone - London - 11.12.2011

Hi, we are doing a public meeting about public debt at the Bloomsbury Social Centre. Here's the abstract/invitation:

Public debt is on everybody's mind these days because it's the main reason given for the massive cuts package pushed through by the government. However, when most people - in particular activists - discuss public debt, they usually either (a) discuss whether the current debt level does require the cuts or (b) that the current crisis is the harbinger of death of capitalism (as we know it).Yet, for many people it is not even clear what public debt is, what a government bond is, why states take on debt in the first place, who buys these government bonds and why, why Germany and Italy cannot seem to agree on a strategy out of the Eurocrisis and what particularities of the Eurozone this points to.

In this meeting we want to start from the beginning and to provide an introduction to public debt, what it means for finance capital and the Euro. We also want to discuss common misconceptions about public debt and how to argue against them. No regular consumption of the Financial Times and no prior knowledge on economics or mathematics is required. Everbody welcome.

Sunday, December 11, 2011 - 3pm

Bloomsbury Social Centre
53 Gordon Square
London WC1H 0PD
United Kingdom

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Dec 13 2011 13:01

Btw. we didn't manage to get through the whole presentation. Hence, there's a follow up meeting this Sunday (18.12.) at 3pm same place. A brief summary of what was covered last time will be given (why do states go into debt & who are the creditors and what are their interests)