No Future in "a Future that Works": Two Critiques of the TUC - London - 16. October

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Oct 6 2012 15:06
No Future in "a Future that Works": Two Critiques of the TUC - London - 16. October

Tuesday 16 October 6pm @ Cuts Café, Central London

check here for venue info:

A lot of protest in recent years against austerity follows the following blueprint: the TUC (or the NUS etc.) call for a day of action and people to the left of the TUC seize this opportunity to modify, radicalise, or to oppose the TUC’s politics. What unifies these radical criticisms is a dissatisfaction with the TUC’s call, aims and tactics. However, what exactly “we” oppose is rarely discussed – it seems that almost any critique of the TUC and its “conservative” anti-austerity is acceptable.

Consequently we do not engage with each other. Conflicting accounts are not discussed, mere assertion of opposition suffices. This situation seems to us to be unsatisfactory.

Hence, we call this meeting to discuss our critique of the TUC. “We” is in this case, on the one hand, some students who were active in the 2010 student movement and, on the other hand, the Wine & Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London. Each group will present its own critique of the TUC’s call “A future that works”. Afterwards, we want to critique each other, receive critiques from the audience, and develop a clearer account of why the TUC’s “alternative” to the cuts should be resisted. The guiding question will be: “For what reason do we oppose ‘A future that works’?”.

The TUC’s campaign pamphlet can be accessed here:

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Oct 14 2012 17:24

This looks like a useful initiative and I hope to come along. We (the ICC) have just published a leaflet for the demo which is basically our own version of a 'critique of a Future that Works'.
We'll bring some copies with us.