New Critisticuffs text: “I pay my taxes” – so what?!

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Mar 21 2019 20:58
New Critisticuffs text: “I pay my taxes” – so what?!

We have a new text out critiquing wrong ideas held on taxes by those on the left as well as the right:

Some people feel good because they pay their taxes. For a left wing person they may feel that they deserve more NHS, for a right wing person more responsible spending. These arguments often start from the person saying ‘I pay my taxes…’. We say – so what?

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Mar 23 2019 14:03

I previously missed the related linked text 'Critiquing Corbyn...' which together with this is another of critisticuffs usual 'matter of fact' demolishing of the basic economic myths and reformism of Left Labour thinking.