'Mysticism, Bohemia, German Anarchy: Landauer and Mühsam' [Housmans 8.5.11]

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Apr 28 2011 15:06
'Mysticism, Bohemia, German Anarchy: Landauer and Mühsam' [Housmans 8.5.11]

'Mysticism, Bohemia, German Anarchy: Landauer and Mühsam'
with Gabriel Kuhn

Sunday, 8th May , 6pm

£3, redeemable against any purchase

Gustav Landauer (1870-1919) and Erich Mühsam (1878-1934) remain the most influential figures in the history of German anarchism. Intellectual contemporaries and militant comrades, the two friends pre-empted many of the problems of politics that would result from the two world wars, problems which remain active today. Whilst Landauer developed a unique mystical understanding of socialism, Mühsam combined bohemianism with strong anarcho-communist principles.

Foremost English translator of Landauer and Mühsam's political writings, Gabriel Kuhn, will present the life and work of the two revolutionaries. For anyone interested in preparatory reading, selected extracts from Kuhn's translations of Landauer and Mühsam are available from the event organisers: contact jewdas@gmail.com.

Talk to be followed by discussion and the very best in greasy Eastern European snacks!

'Revolution And Other Writings' by Gustav Landauer
PM Press, 2010
528 pages
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‘Liberating Society from the State and Other Writings: A Political Reader’, by Erich Muhsam
Published by PM Press, 01 June 2011
240 pages
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Taking place at
Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross,
London, N1 9DX
tel: 020 7837 4473
e: shop@housmans.com

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May 8 2011 22:28

An excellent talk given by someone who certainly new his subject. the meeting was well organised and well attended, and all credit to those involved in the arrangement. The lives and political careers of Landauer and Muehsam were well covered, and indeed could each have had a meeting devoted to their lives. Both figures have been neglected by publishers in the Anglophone world, and Gabriel Kuhn must be congratulated for his work. If, however, the work of Landauer, is anything of other than historical interest, is perhaps a question of some doubt. Kuhn's book on Muehsam, a more sympathetic figure for me: should be a blinder. A day conference on German libertarian thinkers, giving plenty of time for debate, would give the German speaking movement the attention it so badly deserves.

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