Merseyside & Lancashire Anarchist Black Cross

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Merseyside & Lancashire Anarchist Black Cross

Merseyside & Lancashire Anarchist Black Cross group is a new group that will aim to support people who have been imprisoned whilst struggling for freedom and liberty. We are very interested in hearing from anyone who wants to get involved, directly or indirectly, or who can provide advice or expertise, and from anyone who feels that they can contribute anything however big or small. The group will be completely independent and will not be attached or affiliated to any particular organisation. Hopefully people will get involved from across the movement, regardless of individual loyalties or group memberships. The group will be an opportunity to network with similar groups (local & national), to get involved in local, national, and international campaigns, demonstrations, to provide support for anarchist prisoners, and other class struggle prisoners, to distribute propaganda, and other relevant literature. Hopefully at some point the group will be able to provide legal observer, and other relevant training, legal support and advice. Everything I have mentioned so far has been just general ideas. It would be for the group to decide on specifics. I will arrange a meeting as soon as I have had contact and interest from enough people.

You will notice that there is nothing in the way of information on this blog at the moment. Information will appear over the coming weeks.