letters: an anti-political communist journal, issue two

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Jun 1 2008 16:12
letters: an anti-political communist journal, issue two

The second issue of Letters is finished, featuring an investigation into DIY and factory work, a dialogue about Manifesto Against Labour by Gruppe Krisis, and some other things.

For a paper copy, please send a donation of postage to:

Letters c/o Liberation Projects
838 East High Street #115
Lexington, KY 40502 USA

International orders please send an email to editor(at)lettersjournal.org. Correspondence and criticism welcome.


fort-da game
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Jun 9 2008 13:33

Yes, congratulations on the difficult 2nd issue.

What Letters seems to be all about:

generally, the same dispiriting explorations of brutal design and political dead-ends. It looks something like a topy/ptv fanzine from 1983 but with no articles on william burroughs. I wrote the text on the German Ideology and DIY culture, some other people discuss Gruppe Krisis which hasn't sparked a discussion here: http://anti-politics.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=3077 whilst still others, or some of the same, talk about why the term pro-revolutionary (as first used in the monsieur dupont fuel protest leaflet) was probably a mistake. In other words, Letters is a bit better than any other magazine currently available (but not by much!)

I think it has yet to properly discuss, in a spirit of trudging hopelessness, the idea of the return to organisation after the critique of organisation but that should be saved for next time. If anyone wants to read this in the UK/Europe it can be obtained from me.

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Jun 13 2008 13:35

Whats anti-political communism?

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Jun 13 2008 16:47

Think Sam Moss's essay "On the Impotence of the Revolutionary Group", Camatte's "On Organization", Monsieur Dupont's "Nihilist Communism". A contemporary group Internationalist Perspective has taken to using the terms 'anti-political' and 'pro-revolutionary', though in different ways than 'we' use it I think.

Rejection the Party and of 'solutionism', rejection of the 'real movement', rejection of Leninism in all its forms. Very pessimistic, full of contradictions. If you contact fort-da-game, he can send you a copy of the journal.