International Electronic Civil Disobedience in Solidarity With SHAC Prisoners

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International Electronic Civil Disobedience in Solidarity With SHAC Prisoners

International Electronic Civil Disobedience in Solidarity With SHAC Prisoners
Monday Jan. 19 2008

When Hackers Against Oppression called for Electronic Civil Disobedience in solidarity with Greek Anarchists on New Years Eve, we knew that we could count on our comrades to do what needed to be done. The website of the Greek Prime Minister was taken offline for over 24 hours and the website of the Greek Police was down for most of the day. A lot of work went into making this action a sucess, and we want to thank everybody who helped.

We are once again asking for your assistance on Monday January 19th (tomorrow, MLK Day) of 2008, the International Day of Action Against Vivisection. Many of you may remember the prosecution of the SHAC 7 in the United States. On January 19th, seven SHAC organizers in the UK will be sentenced for 'conspiracy to blackmail'. The court did not even try to prove that these organizers broke any laws, they just showed examples of what other individuals in their movement had done as evidence against these organizers. This sets an extremely dangerous precedent that anybody working with a movement is responsible for the actions of everybody in that movement. Regardless of your views on HLS, animal testing, or animal rights this is clearly an important fight. There's a very good chance that all of these organizers will spend a lengthy amount of time in prison. We must fight back. Solidarity means attack.

--- Target Information ---
This company ships chemicals, dangerous substances and time-sensitive substances to HLS. The things they ship are directly used against animals inside HLS labs. HLS needs PDP Couriers to operate and they provide custom services that are not easy to obtain elsewhere. To contact PDP, go to
Phenomonex supplies HLS with specialist chromatography columns (used for seperating chemicals). Some of these are not produced by any other company. In legal paperwork, the MD of Phenomonex stated that without them HLS would have difficulty operating. You can contact them at

--- How To Do It ---
This particular attack will be running all day throughout all time zones. The easiest way to do it is to just go here on January 19th (tomorrow):

In the event that the main mirror is down, you may download the file from any of these locations, save it to your computer, and run it from there. (Do not save in a folder that has your name in the folder name or else your web browser will include that in your "referrer" information that gets sent to the website you are visiting)

You can also just open the target websites in your browser and keep refreshing them. There is a Firefox add-on to do just that at

If you wish to work with the Hackers Against Oppression, have questions, or have suggestions for us you can write us at:
You can also email us to be added to our mailing list which will notify you of upcoming actions.

Free the SHACtivists,
Hackers Against Oppression