ICC Public Forum - New York - Sat March 19th - The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt

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ICC Public Forum - New York - Sat March 19th - The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt

The next public forum of the ICC will be on Saturday March 19th, from 12pm to 3pm. Subject for discussion will be 'North Africa and the Middle East: What Lessons and Perspectives for the Future Development of the Class Struggle World Wide?'

Venue for the meeting will be: TRS Suites, 44 East 32nd Street, 11th floor, NYC, NY 1001. Nearest subway is the #6 train on the 33rd Street station.

There'll be a presentation from the ICC along the following lines, followed by several hours of discussion. All welcome.

Uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt: the best solidarity is the class struggle

The mass movements in Tunisia and Egypt, which are also being echoed in Algeria Jordan, Syria and Yemen, are a response to the world wide crisis of capitalism – to unemployment, rising prices, austerity, and the repression and corruption of the governments who preside over these brutal attacks on living standards. In short, they have the same roots as the revolt of Greek youth against police repression in 2008, the struggle against pension ‘reforms’ in France, the student rebellions in Italy and Britain, and workers’ strikes from Bangladesh to China and from Spain to the USA.

The uprisings in North Africa are historic events and it is vital that all those who are for the independent struggle of the working class should discuss their meaning and perspectives. The determination, courage and sense of solidarity being displayed in the streets of Tunis, Cairo, Alexandria and many other cities are a true inspiration, but the movement also faces many dangers – not just the savage violence of the police and their agents but also the more insidious threat posed by the ‘democratic’ politicians who feed on and fuel illusions that the solution to the crisis lies in the establishment of a bourgeois parliamentary system.

Come to the forum being organised by the International Communist Current to analyse the current events in North Africa and the Middle East and discuss how we can best express our solidarity with the movements there.