Help unleash a flood of anti-capitalist hip hop!

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Help unleash a flood of anti-capitalist hip hop!

"Old rules and habits have to be rejected and dismissed so that something new can be created." - Michael Cretu

"Someday I hope to write a book where the royalties will pay for the copies I give away." - Clarence Darrow

The Who, What & When
"Reframing Public Enemy's uncompromising calls for revolution within a more millennial sonic paradigm, Sun R.A. manages to give political rap its groove back. That's not to be confused with groovy, of course; R.A.'s beats charge from the gates with all the thoroughbred intensity of the [Wu-Tang] Clan's." - Editor, CNet's

"...a highly politicized rapper who manages to convey his ideological leanings in an approachable fashion, without seeming overly highbrow or unnecessarily esoteric." -

"Nothing but the purest hip hop... it's a beautiful thing to see. A master of the political hip hop game.... Speaking nothing but the truth." - DJ Graffiti the Michigan Mixtape King

"One of THE most important rappers of this decade..." - Scart of The Molotov

The Request
I've been making music for more than a decade. It's been about the same amount of time since I've seen a doctor.

As you would imagine, anti-capitalist art isn't a very profitable venture. It's not supposed to be. But over the years I've been contacted from listeners and supporters all around the world; from Canada to Brazil, from Sweden to the Philippines, from Russia to South Africa. That's why I've continued to put out music, to the best of my ability, with my very limited resources.

This year I finally got a hold of a decent recording set up. Because of that I was able to create and release "Every Day I Wake Up On The Wrong Side of Capitalism." Since recording that album, I've recorded tons of new materials and resurrected some projects-that-never-were from the past. I can say in all honesty that this is the best work I've done musically.

I've set the prices of the perk packages just at or over the cost of the things you will receive in return. My hope is to reward my supporters while at the same time getting the funds together to put out all the new music I've recorded. I won't be profiting from this.

If I can get all of these projects out without going (further) into debt, I may be able to make a few dollars when they are released. If and when I do, I'll use the funds to visit a series of doctors. I've been dealing with what I think are some potentially serious health problems for several years. I would really like to get them checked out and taken care of if at all possible.

The most important thing to me though is just to get the music out and heard. With your help I'll be able to do that. I very sincerely thank you for parting with your hard earned money in order to get my music out.

The Projects
1. "Enero" - The long awaited concept album with X3M, featuring "Winter."
2. "Forward Motion" - Collaboration with Rendesten. Cover painted by Awry Alky.
3. "Still Prisoners of War" - Sequel to Prisoners of War.
4. "More F-ing Life" - MF Life tracks redone over original beats.
5. "Year Zero" - A whole year of music. A new track will be sent out every month.
6. "The Poverty Compositions" - A soundscape created pre-Global Warning.
7. How to Slay Enemies and Influential People - A book containing all Sun Rise Above lyrics, commentary, an extensive list of the best hip hop albums and more.
8. "The Complete Collection" - All Sun Rise Above music ever made, plus 4 music videos & live performance footage together on a custom made USB flash drive.

The Give & The Take
Now that I am recording on my own set up, the most expensive part of putting out music is manufacturing. It costs quite a few dollars to press up CDs, especially in short runs. Things like the special USB drive and promotional materials like posters and stickers do not come cheap either. Finally, there are expenses involved with getting releases in digital outlets like iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. Beyond the placement fee of the services that send the materials to these outlets, it's also necessary to purchase a barcode for each release.

For your help with these expenses, you will receive various packages in return. Check the perks on the right side of the page for the specifics. The items will be sent out as they become available. In many cases that means you'll get them long before this campaign ends.

Bonus Goods
Some packages contain the following bonus goods:

1. MF Life mix CD. A very limited edition run of the MF Life mixtape.
2. Blood In The Streets mix CD. A limited edition mixtape from the 2007 mini tour.
3. Sweet Patches #2. A compilation featuring Sun Rise Above w/ art by Paul Athol Lewis.
4. Logo T-Shirt. A T-shirt in your size featuring the Sun Rise Above exclamation/question logo.
5. MP3 Player. An mp3 player loaded with hundreds of Sun Rise Above's favorite songs.
6. POW Plaque. A high quality custom plaque with silver record and album info.

But wait.. if you're an anti-capitalist, why do you need money?

Apparently this is a real question.

Unfortunately, and despite fighting against the rule of capital for many years as best as I could, I live in a capitalist world just like you and everyone else. Recording and releasing music costs money. So does having a place to live, eating, drinking ... even using the bathroom!

When capitalism has been replaced by a real human community, requests like this will no longer exist. The creative powers of human beings will be released and music will flow freely. Until then, I need to live.

Again, your help is very genuinely appreciated. Immense thanks to all who contribute!