/// 'general strike!' - and then what? London communist forum 13th March ///

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Mar 4 2011 11:48
/// 'general strike!' - and then what? London communist forum 13th March ///

London communist forum: 4pm, Sunday 13th March at the Artillery Arms, 102 Bunhill Row, near Old St
From SWP to anarchists, Britain's far left is calling for a general strike. Such calls are likely to get louder in the run-up to the TUC demonstration in London on 26th March.

To some, the general strike is a tactic to extract concessions from the ruling class. Others believe a general strike can bring down the Con-Dem government. And then there's those who regard it as a... route towards working class rule and socialism.
What happens when a general strike is declared? How long can we last when everything comes to a standstill? How will the ruling class fight back? Who or what will fill the power vacuum if the government is toppled? Is a trade union based struggle sufficient to overthrow capitalism and establish a socialist society?

Our debate will address these and other questions, touching on topics such as Rosa Luxemburg's seminal text, The Mass Strike, the May '68 strike in France, the 1980 Solidarność-led strike in Poland, and the continuing strikes in Egypt.
Speakers are Mike Macnair (CPGB, author of Revolutionary Strategy) and David Broder (The Commune).

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Mar 4 2011 12:33

A very good, and timely, choice of topic.

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Mar 5 2011 23:14

Sounds interesting, although, having heard Mike Macnair drone on before, I doubt this will be the case.

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May 4 2011 18:38

Audio streams;

Mike Macnair

David Broder

Discussion from the floor

Mike sums up

David sums up

Jason Cortez
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May 4 2011 18:56

Is any of it worth listening to though?

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May 5 2011 00:19

I didn't really listen to any of them myself...

You can skim through transcripts here.

Jacob Richter
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Dec 12 2011 02:49

I listened to this months ago. Mike Macnair nailed so many key points. One should look past his "droning" to grasp the points made, then afterwards criticize him for not taking something like business communication to improve his presentation delivery (PowerPoint-based slick presentations).