Real Democracy Manchester protest: 19th of June at 12pm

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Jun 16 2011 22:47
Real Democracy Manchester protest: 19th of June at 12pm

I've just been emailed this by a Marxist lecturer at my uni. It's a joint effort by 'Real Democracy Manchester' and 'Greek Protest in Manchester':

European protest in Manchester 19th of June

We are a spontaneous collective of Spanish, Greek, English and other European citizens living in Manchester, who have got together in the wake of the spontaneous collective movement which, inspired by the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings, started in Spain on the 15th May 2011 and soon spread to many cities both in Spain and abroad.
We are seeking to try and gather people living in Manchester, and who, like us are “outraged” at the cuts and at the ideological agenda underpinning them, here and in the rest of Europe, and at the way in which the outcomes of two centuries of social, cultural and political struggle are being given away through policies targeting all sectors of welfare, education and culture, one after the other.

We are keen to contribute, on our very modest scale, to a European movement of rejection of the ongoing savage attack on our social and cultural patrimony. Actually this attack is now being co-ordinated at the European level, with an austerity package about to be voted by the European Parliament. We think it is time for all peoples of Europe to become as ‘outraged’ as the thousands of Spaniards and Greeks occupying their public squares, and to demand an end to this punitive economic regime as well as the affirmation of our common will to recuperate politics by the people and for the people.

As a first step we will rally in Piccadilly Gardens (winking ironically at the statue of the queen!) on 19/6 at 12 PM as part of the European and world-wide movement to recuperate the public squares and spaces for the people. We will hold an assembly, do music and mount a big “cazerolada” with our saucepans! If you have friends taking part in movements occupying the squares in other cities of Europe and the world, and want to talk about it, join us and share this with us!

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